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Hi all. Im jon. New guy on here but not that new to fords. Ive been a fan since i was little and my family has always owned fords. Im currently in the process of building my 1st actual performance build 460. So far my plans are to go .60 over on the block and have the heads worked over heavily. I have a set of KB pistons, factory truck rods that have been cleaned up and sized and fitted with arp studs. A full compliment of comp. stainless valves, double springs and retainers, comp push rods, factory crank that has been 10/10. The block im using was a running engine i had that spun a connecting rod bearing and is already .30 over. Im sending it to be machined next month hopefully. Heads have already been machined for adjustable rockers and guide plates.

My questions are what would be a good option for camshaft and rockers to go with what im doing already. What direction would be best to go in for intake? And if anybody could tell me what trans i could put behind it to take the abuse i plan to put it through. Have a C6 i will have built but also have a sfi bell that I wouldn’t mind putting a stick up to.

My vehicle i plan to build for this is a 1972 f100 single cab short bed with qa1 rear independent suspension and built 9” rear with a truetrak. Bed will be skeleton with only whats needed to hold battery and fuel cell.

If there are any post already with what im doing please let me know. Any info from anyone here would be great though. Hope to be able learn more and make something beastly out of this engine.
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