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New Holley carb missing pieces?

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So I just got a new Holley 850 and I can't get the dual fuel line to thread in. Probably the chrome plating on the fittings. Anyhow, that's not the issue. As I'm trying to back the fitting out, I discover there is no spring behind the mesh screen in the secondary float bowl. Then I notice all the screws on the base plate are loose.:eek:

Is there supposed to be a spring there? There is in the main bowl. Is all Holley's stuff this crappy? I'm trying to upgrade from the 600 cfm carb on my 501, but so far it's not working out. . .
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Its been my experience that sometimes people on the selling end like a parts house sometimes borrow parts from the stock on hand and it doesn't get put back.. Its possible but unlikely that it came from holley that way, I would take it back..
A buddy of mine bought a "brand new" 600 Holley from a local speed shop a couple years back. It was used for a couple of years with no issues, and then got put on the shelf for a while. When he tried to use it again, it had plenty of issues, flooding, wouldn't idle, and a bad stumble. When we took it apart for a rebuild, we found no filter screens, and a plastic float in one end, and a brass float in the other. Has anyone else bought a "mutt" like this?

Wayne (SAWDOFF) Pearce
Unfortianatly the quality of the lower price units has seemed to go downhill a bit lately. I don't know why but I have seen it myself on a few carbs. I had a MUTT carb myself before and they actually had a reason to do that can't remember what they told me but it made sense at the time. I always check all the bolts and screws in Holleys anyways just an ounce of prevention. Sorry you got one with some issues. I no longer use direct Holleys on my engines because there are so many companies making upgraded units for nearly the same price that tuning is almost non existant or minimal. Billet metering blocks and main bodies make tuning so much more consistant.
Newest developement

I ran the fuel line fittings through a die to clean them up, and got them to the point where they actually thread in. I notice the fuel line is on the opposite side from the previous carb. No big deal. Lots of room with the 1" spacer on there. Wrong!

That sucker points right into the water neck.


This carb is a factory refurb, direct from Holley via ebay. Both floats are brass, and the rest of the fasteners seem tight. You'd think with 2 tries, it'd be perfect by now. :rolleyes:
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**Smacks head**

Effing Brilliant!

Either too much or not enough gas fumes today!
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