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Hello, I'm hotrod429, aka Kevin.

I'm currently the proud, yet frustrated owner of a 1973 Lincoln MV IV. The 460 was pulled and replaced with a 1970 429 CJ ram air motor out of a mercury marauder I believe. The ram air stuff was long gone by the time we got the motor.

Currently the only mods are flowmaster true duals (2 1/4") and an edelbroke performer 750. The top end of the motor is dv3e although as soon as I get more money together, I'll be rebuilding the d0ve heads.

The car is nice, and she'll smoke the tires at the blip of the throttle :D

But the motor is tired. When the motor first went in, a piston was cracked but the motor ran great. Replaced it (no money for a proper rebuild) and she's been running great for 20+ years.

My first few questions:
Low oil pressure. Con rod bearings were replaced a few years back. Oil pressure flickers. Only have 5 psi at hot idle. Main bearings? Where can I get a crank kit (crank and bearings)
Is the motor internally balanced?
What intake can I fit under the hood? If not, I have no problem sourcing a second hood and cutting it up for a scoop. So if no intakes fit, what's the best for a street motor?
What cam? The car will be a stock bottom with an intake and d0ve heads with the edelbroke 750
I know headers are out of the question. So is 2 1/4" pipes sufficient?

I have more questions, but won't fill my intro with them.

Thanks for the add to the forums. I look forward to being a member here :)


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