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New to the 460

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Alright im not super new I have had the car for a while. I own a 78 Lincoln Continental. I am just not very well versed with the modding of old school motors like the 460. I have read the "how to build a 450hp 460 FAQ". My first question is how much (total) would that list set me back? I should mention I have done some of it. I have 2.5"-3.0" exhaust (I cant remember which). It was custom welded for the car and it includes an Xpipe. I have removed the stock intake and filter for a simple k&n filter intake. I have plugged up all the vacuum hoses after removing the intake. Other than that thats about all I have done.

Okay and I have a second question. My Lincoln has a 3 speed. Would it be a good idea or possible to swap that with a 4 speed? And again how steep would this run? You see I am knowledgeable in parts and costs to modding much newer cars (my other car is a Honda S2K, please dont kill me lol) but not in the old cars/trucks muscle department.

Some advice and info would be greatly appreciated thanks :)
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