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Hi - New to the forum here and am looking for some ideas of what my 460 might have as far as compression ratio or hp. I inherited the car and don't really have any specs on it.

Here is what I know.
Block is a D9TE-AB - I know this is a truck block from 79 on up.
Heads are D0VE-C - I know these are 75 cc
Intake manifold has no name but is a similar to a Weiand Stealth
NOTE - The intake runners and intake ports have been been epoxied. See pics
Holley 850 dp.
Unknown cam w/roller lifters/rockers. Rockers are 1.73 intake - 1.65 exhaust.
Idles rough with low vacuum of around 6 to 7inches at 950 rpm. No intake leaks.
Duraspark distributor that has been recurved - all in at 2500 rpm. Has a MSD 6A
Pistons are dished. See pic from endoscope.
Compression test - 215 to 219 psi on the cylinders.
Hooker 6115 long tube headers.
Has a C6 trans with shift kit. Suppose to have 2800 stahl converter.

Any ball park guesses are welcome.

Epoxy in intake runner. Intake is upside down.
Wood Gas Tints and shades Font Composite material

Epoxy intake port
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