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Newer Ford Engine Question

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I replaced the camshaft sycronizer assy on my 2004 3.9L engine. I started it up and it ran fine for a few minutes, then runs really rough. Is it possible I did not have the engine at TDC when I installed the Cam Position assy? It talked abut the fuel timing being off if its not installed with the engine at TDC. In these newer engines, how do you find TDC on the compression stroke? There doesn't seem to be any marks for timing?

Any help??

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This worked

Well what a lession. I took some sand paper and found some unmarked timing marks. There was one mark longer then the rest so I assumed it was TDC. I rotated the engine around until this mark was in line with the crankshaft position sensor. Then I installed the camshaft position sensor and it works.
My hats off to you guys that work on this new stuff. Couldn't find anything, anywhere about how to do a simple thing like find top dead center on these new engines.
These camhaft position sensors have to be right on because they also time the fuel spray??

It all depends on the engine. Some do, some don't!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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