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Newton Pull

Just when you think all the card are going your way, you find out theirs more to this Truck pulling then meets the eye.

OK Newton is a type of track that usually get better as the night goes on So when I seen I picked a 15th in the pulling order for Super and 8th in Mod I though I was in the cat bird seat for the night. Then we end up with 20 trucks in Super Stock and 13 trucks in Modified. Well there were 6 classes that ran before the Super Stock Trucks got to play.

And to this point they hadn’t watered the track at all, they didn’t need to with the humidity so thick in the air you could cut it with a knife. But for some reason they started to spray water in Super Stock. So for the first few trucks the track stayed pretty good with a 313.86, then a 315.77 and then a 314.79 then a 315.46 and then Dallas Luther pulled a 317.28 putting him in 1st place after this you could see the track just go to **** with the next truck pulling a 302.58 and it was a down hill slide from there. When it was finally ShaZam’s turn to pull I only managed to pull a 295.97. but every time I gave ShaZam any throttle at all the tach just went to 8200 until I hit the 250 mark where it finally got some bit and pull the engine down to 7800 then to 6500 where I spun out. So the guy on the tractors finally shut the water off but it was to late for this class to make any different. So to the trailer to change tires and think about what I can do in Mod to get ShaZam to hook to the track. Luckily for me there where 3 classes in between Super and Mod so the track was coming back around I thought. So after I changed Tires I dropped to my Mod gear and waited to head to staging. Well an hour and a half later the Mod trucks finally came up and with the first truck line up Karen Rivers Never spun a lug coming off the line and then Hooked hard as the engine Rpm’s came up at mid track and pulled a 303.55 for the night. Now this was Karen’s Second time pulling Jeff’s Truck so she did pretty good. Next up was Dallas Luther the Winner of the super stock class he had another good run with a 303.02 then comes my beer-drinking buddy Craig Emmes with Cold Ethel Now last week Craig had some issues with his clutch that he though he had figured out. But as he tighten up the chain and brought his R’s up his clutch grabbed and he was a leaping Gazelle again this week as he left the line. Luckily he only bounced once and then he did a Billy Buck two-step and matted the throttle and waited for his tires to hook at the 150 mark then rode it out to the 302.09 mark putting him in 3rd place at that time. But even now you can see the writing on the walls where each truck seems to me a little less then the truck in front of him. Then we had a couple of trucks go 274.91 then a 283.43 then it was Burn n Desire Turn to pull which seeing I was on the scale I didn’t get to see Dean head down the track, but he managed to pull a 291.70 then Bruce with Poker Face was up just in front of me. And I got to watch his run as he left the line and for the most part I say he two lugged it. He was spinning his tires 2 feet out of the hole but his truck seem to hook at the 10 foot mark and he made the best he could out of the run stopping at the 304.40 mark putting him in 1st place. So I figured if Bruce could do it ShaZam should be able to get there also. So I get hooked to the sled and I tighten the chain, Turn on all the switches and put it in 3rd gear I walked the Truck out 10 feet and then give ShaZam the full throttle and the motor responded with a 8000 rpm’s run working it’s way down to 7800 the 7600 where it spun the tires free when the last stage hit. I though I had a good pull but the score keeper said I only pulled 295.90 putting ShaZam in 5th place at that time. Then next truck up was Donny Skinkis and I was putting ShaZam on the trailer as Donny ran but he pulled a 300.98 knocking me to 6th place where I stayed the rest of the class as the track was going to **** again with pulls of 290.98 the 274.91 then 262.43 to finish the night out.

All night the guy up in the booth kept saying how they’re going to be the next Mackville WI or Toma WI. But if they can’t manage the track better then they did tonight they’ll be lucky to still be pulling there in 5 years.

Well I have an off weekend next week so I’ll be taken the bride up to the U.P. State Fair and taking in the Oak Ridge Boys concert. Then I have a 3-pull weekend the following week. So I’ll see you all then.
Hopefully I can redeem myself back up the point’s ladder in the last two pulls of the season.

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