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Nice going Cale Aronson

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Runner up at Gateway tonight.
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Thanks guys.... I got to meet a few 460Ford members, but hate to say didn't get much time to spend with them! I had a CRAZY weekend... It was good to have an all Ford, All Kaase, All Haas Final!

My crew was amazing! Wild Bill Devine, Tinzy, My dad, Mark Eckman, Sean Eckman, and all my supporting sponsors and fellow racers who pitched in when I needed the help!!! THANK YOU!
Hey Cale, Do you think Grahm quick staged you on purpose?
I know it is a part of the game, but man I would have love to see that match up.
Brian did was is normal... he didn't know what was going on either! I wish Cookie ( the starter ) who is a good friend of mine.... would have backed us off just because had I been able to stage I would have had those weights under the car and it would have been a disaster! But, Brian did have lane choice and did do a lane switch, but I was glad because I wanted the left lane. Brian is a friend, but we are competitors on the line! No biggy! I would have Treed the hell out of him anyways ;)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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