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well , I sold my 95 eddie bauer, about 1.5 year ago, guess it's time to sell the top off of her, that was a nice old truck, had a 351w , wish I could've stuck this 460 in it, anyway
I'm lookin to sell both of them, not sure the worth of the top, and prob, be local meet, to buy it, if any interest in it, I'm open to offers, and I'll look into what I think it's worth then.
all the windows work, open an shut, the little window double slides,wher you go into the truck cab. cant get to it from the outside, the tab is broke off, the top locks good,nice top,

for the engine, I paid 500 for it, and drove about 220 miles each way, to pick it up, like to get 300 for it, its a 77 with about 70 or 80 thousand on the clock. its got the c/6 still bolted to it still.

Thanxs Rick


1 - 3 of 3 Posts