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Nitrous ?? Looking for 10s

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Been some time since I posted on here. I am gonna step up and add a nitrous system soon. My 72 Torino Runs 11.6-11.7s regularly at around 118 MPH
with a 466 Dove headed motor. My goal is to run 10.7s . Whats it gonna take? Any one have a used kit for sale? I think 100-150 Hp should suffice. Opinions, suggestions ??
Here is some background on my ride, Only thing i am changing before the nitrous is ,switching to M/T ET Drags and I am installing Metco Control arms and ICM brackets.



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new tires and control arms could get you half a second or more. put a 150 shot with it and you should meet your goals. just be carefull with the spray.also i would suggest a wideband A/F gauge to keep a eye on things.
Yes, a 150 shot will get you there. A simple plate system is all you need.
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