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Have a problem here maybe you guys can help. Got a mildly built cammed and tuned 1991 efi 460 paired with an MSD-6 ignition box all wired per the instructions provided. I have spark by disconnecting the coil wire and grounding the white wire leaving the supplied tfi harness. I have fuel pressure 34-40 psi cranking. Coil gets power from MSD Box and igniting timing control feeds power out of the Coil Connection. Truck is installed with MSD 6 & Adjustable Timing Control.

But when I connect the wire to the distributor cap no fire. Or I may be lacking injector pulse? I’ve tried two “new” distributors as I suspected a bad pip sensor but I have no code 14 for a faulty pip. I have bypassed the box and to no avail. I’m thinking it’s a low chance but perhaps two bad pip sensors? seems unlikely in 2 new reman distributors. No codes for ignition related faults. All codes for emissions equipment.

I have 6-8v at the red and light green wires in the run position on the ignition coil red and green. I haven’t checked the yellow wire at the ignition switch for 12 volts for a blown fusible link at 18ga or blown link at blue 20GA, or the test for 12v at the red green wire at the ignition switch. But is it likely to be a blown link or the ignition switch itself? Truck did run prior to this and did so strong, I have no idea what happened. Stalled and never restarted. As if the key was switched off. Have replaced tfi module, ignition coil, have ohm tested 2 coils both primary and secondary resistances pass, 2 distributors, new caps and rotors, MSD Super Conductor Wires, new plugs gapped at .50. New relays. EEC & Fuel Only things reused were the engine harnesses. Injector and compartment harness. Spout out no spark, I have not tried cranking with computer unplugged. Computer is original. Smog, EGR cat and all emissions have been deleted. I am leaning strongly towards a blown fusible link. All electronics work. Lights, dash, radio, etc, Truck cranks but will not start.

Any help is appreciated.

- Jeremy
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