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Noob with cam lift question?

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I have a freshly rebuild 1988 460 in a mud truck, that i'm getting ready to drop dove heads on. This engine has the shallow dished early FI pistons with small valve relief. I was just wondering what kind of cam lift i could be safe with before having to worry about pistons to valve clearance? heads will be built with spring and rockers to match cam so i,m not worried about that. I need something that is going to build some power between 2500 and 6000 rpm. Also i was wondering if some one could give me a close idea of what kind of compression this combo will put out, i do be believe the pistons are still sitting the stock .030 below the deck.
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First off..... you always want to check (measure) for your combination....regardless of what advice you are told.

I have built this combination but with a 10.300 1969 model block.... your block is roughly .020 taller....

I had to clearance the eybrow in the piston radially to fit 2.08 Intake and 1.65 stock DOVE-C head valves. This was to get .100 of valve to piston clearance. The cam was only about .520 lift......

You will probably have to clearance the piston radially (think as to make it fit a larger diameter valve) to get the clearance .

They are not a good piston to use with much lift.

Last Suggestion ...... always check the clearance YOU have on YOUR combination.

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As Brandon said, just gotta check it! Also if it is gonna be close, check all four corners. Factory machining is all over the place! Block will be higher front to back on one side and the opposite on the other.
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