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For sale:
A Nitrous Oxide Systems CHEATER kit adjustable from 150 to 250 H.P., USED, comes with everything normally in the kit, including: 10 LB bottle, braided pressure line, sprayer plate, Cheater Solenoids, and bottle brackets. New in Summit $509.
Extras (ALL USED) include: MSD #8956 RPM window switch, with RPM pills (new price $87)
Holley Blue pump (new price $132)
Hi-flow NOS inline filer (new $50)
NOS brand fuel and NOS pressure gauges (new $35 & $50 each)
Fuel pressure regulator (new $30)
Fuel pressure safety switch (new $30)
NOS Super Pwershot purge solenoid (new $115)
New in packages rebuild kits for both solenoids (new $100)
Bag full of assorted jets for sprayer bar (new $ 8.95 EACH)
Throttle microswitch and momentary switch (new $25)
Brand new solenoid mount kits, extra hard lines, new rolls of electrical wiring, ect.

In total, this is more than $1,250 worth of stuff that you would need to safely use any Nitrous system. Selling for $425, plus actual shipping cost to you.
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