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Here is our NP205 Rear Support kit. It replaces the junky cast aluminum rear output bearing retainer with our new billet 6061 aluminum bearing retainer. The 1/2" steel plate is bored to fit the bearing retainer, and clamps down with a 3/8" bolt when in the desired position. The DOM tube comes welded or unwelded to the plate, no extra charge. Uses poly bushings, and comes with center DOM tube for 1/2" bolt.

Here's a common issue with the NP205: Over time, there is groove wore on the seal surface of the yoke that can cause leakage.

Our retainer allows you to install the new seal 1/8" deeper, seating it on a different position on the yoke seal surface that is not worn.

Cost for the kit is $149 shipped to 48 US states. They ship 7 days or less from payment.

We also make billet retainers for the front, for a beefy matching set. I've seen more cracked/busted front retainers than rear. Just add $45.
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