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Off to the races again

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Doing some dirt drags today and tomorrow, had a look at the track last night, they're not gonna harrow the track or nothing, so we're runnin on hard pack dirt and grass in a feild. I hope I can get some traction there, but judging from the few run I saw last night, I have my doubts. Doesnt look like its gonna be a big event, so prize money won't be very good. It is double elimination though, so if not alot of guys show up, I just won't burn as much fuel HAHA.

Talk with ya when I get back!!
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Good Luck MYRON!!:D
yea good luck, I just got loaded up getting ready to go to mud bogs which kicks off the county fair

I ran a best time of 3.801 on a 200 foot track, reaction time was a .219, could be better, still need some work on that part I guess LOL. My main competition was the little quick silver rig you'll see me racing. He is also a hardcore ford guy, running a nasty 351W and weighing less then 3000lbs (I'd be surprised if he was even 2500lbs!!) If he beat me on the light, he'd get away from me on the track, so I had to try and tree him everytime, it all worked out in the end. I took first on day one and two!!

Brian (Quick Silver) also does the tough track slolom course, and he don't hold back, he rolled the first day, no serious damage, and had some great runs on day 2.

It was a very small show, but for a first time event like this in our area, I think it went over fairly well. I would like to see a track that was not so hard packed, and more loose dirt, but thats just me, I won't complain too much LOL. I should have some pics from the photo dude that was there in a couple days, but here is a vid that'll sum up the weekend.

P.S. the silver F150 is a friend of mine, first time ever on a track, bone stock truck, ran a 4.66!! and he is now hooked like a fish on the line!! HAHA

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Great Job Myron!!! "WHEW-HOOOO !!!!"

Told you that you would getin the three's !!

Great Job the trucks running hard!! Looked good!

Pretty hard to compete against that weight difference you were up against!!

Guess it was no accident though, you did it once...and then backed it up the second day!! I see you were one and one going into that last race second day. Sure makes you sharp on the line when it comes down to the last. Who was the winner going into the final that had to be beaten twice, You or him? Double elim right?

Way to go ROCKSTAR!!:D

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Thanks Jeff, yeah it was double elim, we both had one loss each, so it came down to the final run. The same thing happened on day 1, it came down to the last run for each of us. I sure was gettin hot in that cab I tell ya HAHA. But it sure felt good taking the win from something half the weight of me and with a driver who has a ton of experience on timing trees!! I don't think my suspension is setup very well for hard pack tracks, but you can't have it all I guess. It was fun, and no clean up!! Now back to work for 2 weeks straight and then I'll be in for my first bog run of the year!!
heres a couple pics I had emailed to me from the event


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Ya, if that silver thing has a real good running 351w in it then I bet it was hard to outrun.
yeah it was definitly a fast rig, if he would have been equiped with a trans brake as well, I don't think I could've beat him.
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