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I changed plans and would like to sell my Offenhauser tunnel ram. This is a used #5971 base, a brand new 2-4bbl top #5974 and 2 pairs of new gaskets #5971G. The Offy is cast with CJ/SCJ runners and can use two double pumpers front-facing and very light.

No damage, no coolant erosion, no porting has been done, previous owner spray-can clear-coated the base a long time ago (easy to glass-bead off). I was surprised that you can still order Offy parts through Summit Racing, so I ordered this 2-4bbl top, so that is bare and brand new. The new top was $147 and a new base would be $310.


Might be willing to trade down/up on new parts I need (new ATi SuperDamper, new Ford Racing valve covers, new Fox-style 7qt oil pan), but not interested in used.


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