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:D listen i know its not 460 stuff but if there is any one that runs 289-302's in any thing here i have a bunch of parts for sale that will help greatly go towards my big block..... or you may know someone who would like to buy. all of the stuff here is not used it is brand new and not used. :D

ok I have a

proffesional products polished hurricane victor jr. style intake $ 160

30 over moly rings $ 30

high volume oil pump and pickup tube $ 50

chrome dual sump oil pan that will fit fox mustang $ 30

like i said i know its not 302 stuff but if you know any one or maybe you would like to buy it please let me know. every thing listed is not used i found a better deal on a 460 and ive wanted to go with a big block. please let me know my email is [email protected] thanks Travis
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