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Oil filter adapter?

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Who sells a high flow oilfilter adapter? I mean the little pipe that would just mount a filter. I have the original round/no hex one but want a larger hole to compliment Paul Kanes oiling mods Thanks.
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Who sells a high flow oilfilter adapter? I mean the little pipe that would just mount a filter. I have the original round/no hex one but want a larger hole to compliment Paul Kanes oiling mods Thanks.
We offer a modfied adaptor with a radiussed exit and slightly larger ID.

We don't know where to get the filter adaptor with the external wrench flats. Ford stopped using them about 40 years ago. They were used on the 1968-1970 engines (not all 1970 model engines have them as this was the year of the changeover to the round filter adaptors).

We considered making the wrench flat version ourselves but feel that the Performance Filter Adaptor that we currently offer is a better part. This is because the wrench flats protrude above the block and interfere with the flow of the oil around the filter pad's circular cavity. Also, while the OEM ID is 0.500", the current version that we offer has a nominal ID of about 0.512" which offers greater structural integrity than a modified .5625" diameter does while providing significantly improved flow characteristics over the standard 0.500 ID oil galleries of the OEM passenger car blocks (5% greater volumetric capacity than the rest of the 0.500" ID downstream galleries). The current Performance Filter Adaptor, combined with the passenger car block oiling mods as outlined in the Technical Pages of our website, has been proven to offer more than adequate oiling capabilites for engines generating literally thousands of horsepower.

Our specially prepared oil filter adaptors have a radiussed exit so that oil can get around the hard corner easily and keep the downstream oil pressure better replenished. Also, by flaring the exit oil flow slows down as it enters the block cavity which reduces turbulence in the cavity and helps prepare it for the abrupt turn.

Another nice feature is that our adaptor's block threads have a shoulder at the top (blue arrow) so that it cannot be screwed too far into the engine block and bottom out/cause a restriction unto itself (works like the shoulder of the wrench flatted version, but without the restriction of the wrench flats). And the block threads are not too tall (orange arrow) for the same reason.

We include a 3/4-16 nut to facilitate installation. Instructions included.

For details, click HERE and scroll down.


p.s.: Enlarging to 9/16" is just way more than necessary in most every case; this is true for sure with the passenger car block.
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Paul has nice stuff. I have one of his pumps, that same oil filter adapter, and I had him do oil mods to a DOVE -A block I bought from him.
Can't go wrong.
New Filter Adapter

New oil filter adapter studs with an ID allen hex for easy install are readily available. We install them on most of our engine builds.

However, for large, unrestricted oil flow, we use a new, steel, oil filter stud, that has a .800" ID. Specially designed for big power, wet sump 460's, it removes all the restriction. Back to back on the dyno, compaired with a standard filter stud, the new large ID one saw a 10psi increase in oil pressure.

It does require the use of a different, high flow oil filter. The oil stud converts from the std 3/4-16 thread to a larger 1-1/16-16 thread. Still uses a Heavy Duty Ford Motorcraft or NAPA filter, just with the larger thread.

Paul, If I'd thought about it, I would have sent you one this week. If you're interested, I'll send you one to check out. (Paul has great prices on the Miller Mid-Lift Roller Rockers)

IF, and it's a BIG IF, you have chassis clearance...The black hex bar shown is 3/4 hex to install or remove the center piece. PM if interested.


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Thank you for the all reply's the info was greatly appreciated.
Sending PM's soon...
Hey Chuck, that's a really fancy setup you have there. :)

RobMcQ, it sounds as though you might be using the diesel filter adaptor setup? Don't know for sure what you have but in regards to the pressure increase on the dyno, don't overlook the bigger filter enabling some of the increased pressure. Bigger filters have much more filter media surface area for the oil to pass through, and so for a given amount of oil volume less pressure is necessary/less "filter media restriction" (as a given amount of oil goes though the greater filter media area), equating to maintining the pressure further downstream in the engine. The bigger filter is particularly advantageous in higher rpm applications where a lot of oil being bled off rapidly and the big filter allows the flood of oil to keep up with the bleed-off rate.

That being said, the biggest restriction in the OEM block is that squared-off OEM adaptor (the one you used to test against) which damn-near bottoms in the block's adaptor cavity combined with the oil trying to squeeze over to the exit gallery on the side. By 1) blending the exit gallery in the cavity toward the cavity's center, and, 2) radiussing the OEM-style filter adaptor, the two paths are met halfway, so to speak, and thusly the flow "restriction" (for lack of a lesser word) is alleviated.

And so, the 0.800" ID of your adaptor is nice but the flow improvements are nothing greater than Performance Filter Adaptor that we offer for $20, (afterall the downstream galleries are still 0.500"). The primary advantage to your setup is that nice big filter.

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Hey Chuck, in the middle picture, what does "BFA-1" stand for? "Big Funkin' Adaptor?" :D (You know what I mean. :p )

Paul, you may be right...but I thought it stood for Filter.:D
Paul, you may be right...but I thought it stood for Filter.:D
Filter. Wow, how did I miss that one? Duh. Oh well, then I guess I just exposed myself, to the entire internet world, of how twisted my thinking really is.... :)
While a Diesel filter would offer the benefits you listed, it's size would preclude it's use by most everyone. This adapter uses a STOCK sized filter (Motorcraft FL337/NAPA 1268) so there is no problem with fit. The pressure and flow volume is due to the greater flow of the adapter and filter inlet. After doing basic oil mods/blending on the block, the stock .500 ID adapter is a restriction. The dyno test was done on a block w/oil mods/blending, a slightly modified Ford oil filter stud-(opening the discharge end), and an FL1HP. We installed the larger filter stud, and the NAPA Gold 1268 for the comparison.

The threaded Ford adapter is .745" OD, so it is not even as big as the .800" ID of the large adapter. They are comical when placed next to each other. The adapter's block threads are only .390" deep, so it does not restrict flow in the block adapter cavity. And while it's true that the downstream gallerie is only .506", the quality & quantity of flow to that point is very important.

So, not to disparage your Performance Filter Adapter, as it a a great step up from the stock unit, (and should be considered mandatory for 90% of the builds out there), but it still acts as a bit of a restriction. For high end stuff that's still wet sump, I think the larger adapter has a slight advantage.

Now, I don't have a web site, and I don't sell much in the way of parts on line. We're just too busy with the machine shop, engine building and parts sales from local customers and long distance customers that were referred to us. I wasn't trying to take away from your adapter. I thought, with your on line sales, you might benefit from carrying them yourself as an alternative item. I don't make 'em, but I can tell you where to get 'em.

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