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I have been using Pennzoil 25w-50 GT High Performance Racing Motor Oil since my engine was built in 1995.
It was built by Harold Souza in Hayward, Ca. He told me to run that oil and I have ever since.
I just found out that it is not available anymore. AAAARGH!

Anybody like to share what oil you're using in a high performance application?

In case the obvious questions about what the motor is, basically..
1971 429, now 472 c.i.
Ultradyne cam, (old school flat tappet) civilite pistons, H.D. rods, Dove C's ported
Harlan Sharp rollers, 3/8" pushrods and guide plates, Edelbrock Performer RPM,
Edelbrock carb...about 450 H.P. I think

I'm looking at
Valvoline VR1 Racing SAE 20W-50 High Performance High Zinc Motor Oil 1 QT
any thoughts?

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