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Oil Temperature for crate 460

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Have a stock crate Ford 460 in a Cobra replica and have been noticing the oil temp running around 100 - 110 C around town. Now, it has been hot, but what is the upper limit of 20W-50 oil? When on the track, I didn't notice at the time, but looking back at some video, I noticed the temp gauge up to 120 C

100C = 212F
110C = 230F
120C = 248F

Oil cooler needed? Suggestions on type?
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120* C under hard-driving track time is not unusual. It is about as high as I like to see with a petroleum based oil, but is not out of range so to speak. The street-driven temp seems normal and just fine.

I might suggest a switch to a quality brand name synthetic....or just be sure to change your oil before and after after each track day. An oil cooler isn't out of the question, but the temp is not exceedingly high under the circumstances.

Thanks. The oil I have in it is a racing synthetic. I do change it after each track run.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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