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Ok, new board question C4 or C6 behind

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a 800 hp 29? also how much can the front snout of the crank take? I am building a blown alky dealio so I don't think I will need to boost the snot out of it.
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This combo is going into a 3800lb car.
kim said:
3800lb pig, and that sort of HP. Either do the C6 (don't like because of valve body lip seal issues and poor aftermarket support) Or go with a TH400 with an adaptor. Your going to need the mass in the hubs to handle the load. The Mighty might C4's are great for high HP light cars. But once you exceed about 2800lbs, your going to trash em fast.

As for a race glide, yup. I run one, but at 2800lbs Im already considerd a behemoth for one. They love little 1500-1800lb bantams.....
Valve body lip seal issues?? never heard of it care to explain?
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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