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I`ve got comparison photos of

Motorsport A460 heads, Eliminator A460 head`s, EX514 A60 heads, and TFS A460 heads. I`m sure someone would like to see them all side by side. I also have pictures of a "Holmes" tunnel ram, TFS tunnel ram, A sheet metal tunnel ram, EX 514 single dom. and a Motorsports single Dom. intake.

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S.Vincent said:
how do we post a picture? I dont see an edit button or an "insert image button".[/img]

1) Right click on the image you wish to place in the text and select "properties."

2) Highlight the URL address and copy it ("Control" "V" simultaneously on your keyboard)

3) In your text, type in "

4) Place your mouse cursor between the two image tags, such as where the red X is in my example:

5) Drop the copied web address of the image into the image tags with your keyboard by typing "Control" "C" simultaneously)


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466bbfox said:

I still gotta cut that hood to be like your 1990 coupe, try to have somewhere for that heat to escape and use the winshield wipers, not like im driving in the rain but just incase.
I liked that hood (the one on my old 90) a lot better than the ones that go all the way to the Windshield. It still looks GREAT because it covered the cowl but the wipers were still functional :)

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