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Ok , Where do I start!! HELP

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WE got in three passes yesterday( 1 /8 mile) on our new setup, very dissapointing!! We still have time to tune but Im going to need you help. The car A 3400 # 64 fairlane,tubbed and caged with stock suspension and lakewood J traction bars and a nine inch slick 28 tall ! I has 430 gears in a 9 inch. The motor is a 468 with speed pro hypers(flat top)comp cam 282s solid cam,eldebrock rpm heads 75 cc . 5 in the hole for deck,eldebrock rpm intake, windage trays, moroso 8 qt pan,comp rockers, 2 " primary crites headers and an unopened box stock holley 750 dp , 30 degrees timing . The car lauched good with 1.80 60 foot times but just didnt pull that hard. I lauched at 2100 the first pass(3000 stall) 8.43 /79 hitting the 6200 chip once, the second pass I was way better because I was less nervous 8.34/82 The third pass I lauched at 2800 It ran an 8.11 at 83 ! much better but not!! It was 95 with a 18 mph wind the car wanted to heat up fast (220 by the time I got hurried back to the trailer)We have an afco 19 x 26 radiater in it, biggest restricter ,procomp electric water pump,17 in pusher with the curved blades,It cooled down fast in the pit but I know it wont take this very long! I have acsess top an 850 racing carb, I will post the # later! Will a bigger carb take care of my heating problems? I can see if I can get a bigger fan on it maybe. I think 370 gears would also let the motor torque instead , I would much rather limit rpm to 5500 or so. I shifted at 6, 6 and just got into 3rd 60 feet from the end of the 1/8 so I know I wont work as is for topeka!! I have any gear available so suggestions are valued, what jets and timing should we be running! Please any suggestions are valued Thanks Dave
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If you are running race gas the timing sounds way slow, I'd go up to 36 and see how it feels. the 750 is small but can work well but may need jetted. I would run through the valve adjustments and recheck everything, cut open the oil filter and change oil etc. Randy.
rpm heads

what is the recomended timing for my setup??
I have found most big blocks lover timing so starting out at 37 wouldn't be a problem.

What has been done to the carb? jets? jet exstensions? float level? I personally would go with an 850 if one was available (but then again you'll have to tune that also to your application).

What fluid are you running in your radiator? anything restricting air flow? trans cooler mounted on it? is your fan spinning the correct direction?

Finally What kind of tire pressure are you running? are the rims drilled?

Sorry for all of the questions, just wanted to help you run sub 8's

The 850 carb is 9380 d393 It has 79 and 86 jets. I checked my msd 8580 dist and discovered the advance springs where to stiff , Im left stock blue advance bushing in and put the light springs on, I discovered my fan was a 1200 cfm puller .that I reversed so wa la 600 lousy cfm maybe!! New 2900 cfm straight blade will be here Friday!! I have the car set at 32 timing What should my iniatial be ? I then dicovered I wired the alt wrong last year so I had no full power, I think that these problems fixed should put us where we belong( within reason) so we can tune some more! I am using the biggest rest in the water neck and water only! I have water wetter but was saving till I had everything sorted out. Now with its charging it seems to start lots better considering i just warmed it up to 180 in driveway . I set up the 370 gearset that we,re going to start with for Thunder Valley,sd Monday the 5th! I just cant afford another over reved weekend! Pinks in 2 weeks !! THis should give me a better idea of traction ,60 ft time with alt working, and if we will need much more gear with our 28x9 slicks,Any input or suggestion is very helpful! 15 # air and screwed and tubed slicks
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My et calculater says

370 gear / 28 inch tire and 110 to 115 mph( being realistic??) is five thosand threw the traps, Any slippage?? 430 says 5700 How close are the numbers do you think ? Realize this motor is assembled with all good used and some new (forum) parts so 7 grand is not an option!I Just want a reliable bracket car to learn with, please dont make me go back to the dark side Thanks Dave
I also run a 28 in tire and a 411 gear with 9.5 lbs. I think you are going with too high of gear with a 370. you won't spin but it will be a dog out of the hole.

Yeah I would definitely use some type of water additive for your radiator. they are usually good for 10 deg, give or take.

i would put the carb back to stock setting for the jets, which is 78 in the front and back and start tuning. honestly I dont vary the jets but a couple sizes from front to back but all engines are different. you'll have to start by reading your plugs.

also make sure you have plenty of fuel atleast 6 psi with a 3/8 tube.

why restrict the water in the motor it will get hot .no water flow and circulation.if your rad is small it sounds like u trying to cool it before it circulates,but more heat is being generated than lost.your plugs will tell you how shes running,temp (heat range) at the bottom of strap to top 2 threads, and a/f ring at bottom of the porcelion.plugs should look new but not glazed over or chalky.black specks is deto back timeing off or use better fuel.im sure you already know this but just trying to help.like said before 370 might be to high,i got a set of pro 4.10 gears cheap.12-15 passes
pull restrictors for 1 pass and see or drive it too the store to see if she gets hot.go get a coffee around 0600 at the local coffee stand and dont shut it off while waiting.lol
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