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C8AE-A Connecting rods - set of eight

$200.00 with free shipping in the lower 48 states.

2.123 journal
.975 pin
6.795 length (factory spec. actual length is likely to be slightly shorter or longer)
Press fit pin
AMS 6415 steel, which is aircraft grade 4340

This is a set of eight 240 Ford six cylinder rods. They were frequently used back in the day to build stroker motors before aftermarket rods were more commonly available. I have built several engines with them by opening up the pin to .990, using an off the shelf 429/460 stroker piston with a 1.42 comression distance, and offset grinding a 460 crank to a 4.200 stroke. Displacement ranges from 509 to 520 cubic inches depending on overbore of +.030 to +.080.

This is a great way to build an all American engine on a moderate budget. All you need are American made pistons, rings, and bearings, and to have your local machine shop offset grind the crank.




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