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Old Style Lakewood Scattershield For Sale

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I have an older style Lakewood Scattershield for sale. The guy I bought it from (from this site), cut the fork opening bigger, and I added some bar stock for an external hydraulic slave cylinder. I also have the spacer plate for this as well, since it doesn't fit my C6 I'm putting in. If you're within 3 hours of Lakewood, NJ, I will meet up and sell it for $50. If I have to ship it, I will sell it for $100 shipped. I hate shipping stuff like this. :D This doesn't have any of the safety rating stickers, so I wanted to let you know that as well.

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Pat - are the starter holes OK - like no issues bolting on a starter ??

PM sent

Ron in Houston
Sale is pending with Ron....I will post back if sold.....
lakewood bellhousing

if you still have i will take it my zip is 46772 indiana let me know my email is [email protected] hope to hear from you my number is 260-223-3410 thanks
If Ron or Fred don't buy it I will. I can meet you wherever you want. I work in Clinton, N.J.

Scattershield is SOLD to Ron in Houston. Thanks Ron!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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