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Only stroker kit left---Needs to go.

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BRAND NEW Scat cast 9000 series rotating assembly .030 4.5" stroke. I beam rods 6.7". Probe -33.3 SCJ pistons 10- 10.5 compression with scj heads. Fully balanced with a flexplate. BRAND NEW everything is still in the box. $1400 shipped.

Needs to go. Send some offers! Someone needs it.

People have sent trade offers, but the only thing I would be interested in is forced induction stuff.
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Where you located ?? really need to include that info in your profile, or as the Brits say CP

Real question - does this include the rings ??

Ron in Houston
Sorry, I am located in Dayton Ohio.

Here is everything in the kit:

Scat 9000 4.5" crank.

Probe SRS -33.3cc 4.390 (.030 over) pistons specifically for the SCJ heads. Probe part number 14804.

Powerforce Harmonic Damper

Balanced (by Scat) flexplate

King standard size Rod and main bearings.

Total Seal Moly ring set.

Scat forged I beam rods with ARP rod bolts.

These are not a bunch of parts that I threw together and had balanced. This was all ordered from Scat and externally balanced by Scat.

It cost me $1,700 and 7 weeks of waiting for this kit.

Send offers, this needs to go!!

Nothing has been taken out of the box. Everything is brand new and untouched. It has been sitting in my dining room for the last month.

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Thanks Chad - Good price for a 545 assembly - you hadnt mentioned the rings in the first post, which you have to have to balance, reason I asked - is this an internal balance assembly or does it require the extenal hatchet weigh ?? does the dampner have the normal Ford 4 bolt pulley pattern on the front ?

The kit is external balance, but I believe you do not use the stock weight (call scat to be 100% sure). They send you a generic flexplate that is balanced to the kit. If you want to use your flexplate/flywheel, you would just take them both to a machine shop and they would balance yours to the flexplate scat sent.
Man, are about 5 hours too late. I just sold the kit and bought a procharger. I definatley would have been interested.
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