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Our local Hill & Hole From last Sat

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There are some good ones in here if your patient !:D

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It sure looks like a fun event, but to do this on a regular basis without breaking, you'd definitly need a purpose built rig. and even then, breakage would still be lurking just over the next 'hill'
Yes Myron, it does take it's toll on trucks. They tried to take the humps down and made them worse!! Lotsa air!!

We pulled a front pinion nut off the 60 pinion in the drags. That's two bad races in a row for us!:mad: Guess we were due figured up 68 passes we made this year!!

Not much video of the drags. We stopped taking the Overlanders club video's this year so we only get friends or people who ask. It kinda sucks sitting behind a camera all race day. My wife is kinda glad not have to have to do it anymore!

Only 26 truck in the drags. Bogs had 68 !!
Jeff, Sorry to hear about the bad luck i'm sure you will get it fixed and go back to kicking some chebby a$$!:D

ok there was a maroon ford that sounded like it was screaming was wanting to see a video of it
Who is this? EW??
haha lets just say i had one of the best seats in the house just didnt have a side view of the track:D
Ha ha. I have some drag footage but can't release it to anonymous sources!:confused:
well rumor has it i built that maroon ford to beat that bad *** truck of yours:D lol this is dexter
Hey Dexter,

Glad you came aboard. Great board and really great people here. These guys know a ton!! I'm sure you'll be a good addition. Your truck runs real good !! Think it'll be all the BOMB can do to keep a bumper ahead of you ! Maybe can't do that now, looks like you have stepped it up a notch !!

We're just a vacuum pulling one ton bog truck that likes to drag now and again. I'm hoping that you will be able to keep that front end together with that 2000 lb gorilla you have under the hood!:D

Well I hope we get together again before the years end. Might want to think about coming to Indy with us. It's a good time and always good racing also!! Lotsa fast trucks from all over the country.

We've raced 12 times this year and the fishing boat hasn't been wet yet, my wife has been asking about it so I need to get her out for her weekly fishing trip she's used to, so I think I'm gonna take a month or so off and chase flatheads. See you somewhere!!

I'll see what they have for video. The maroon Ford was probably too fast to get on video!!!:D

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Hey Dex, since we don't go all out and take video for the club anymore, my wife only shot me and any others that asked to be shot. Since she didn't know you, and you didn't know her to ask, she only got the one time I made a pass in class 4 against you.


I was one and out. Dexter went on to win the class !:D
Good job Dex !

thanks jeff that one video works for me i just wanted to see what it was doing going down the track all i know is it sure looks slow..lol and i think you were catching me so that scares me with your front end being broke!

My front didn't break till 3/4 track, and before that I didn't really feel like I was pulling on you. That 2nd yellow not working is more what I was worried about.(my holeshot) The near lane always looks like your catching the far lane from the angle.

From my view in the truck, I might have been holding my own but I don't think I was catching you even though it looks like I was on video!

Your truck ran really good fathers day and better this race!! You guys are going in the right direction for sure!!

Sorry I don't have more video.
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