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p.a.w. 460-552 engine kits

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i have read articles where hotrod and car craft magazine talked highly of performance automotive warehouse engine kits and even used them in some of their engine builds. the prices paw offer are very realistic and affordable. i know i will get some negitive responses to my post but has anyone had good luck with their street/strip engine kits. thanks, jtgb428.
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I haven't used there engine kits but have used other parts from them and they were all exactly as described no BS. From my experience if you talk to them they will tell you exactly what you are getting before you buy it and won't get a surprise once you get the parts.
I used to live 2 miles from their "machine shop". After stopping and looking thru the open shop door, I wouldn't let them walk my dog (if I had one). That said, I've bought many boxed parts, from known manufacturers, from them and been satisfied with the PARTS.:cool:
I did a hot little 302 years ago, and the parts were good brand name parts, but the machine work was terrible. I had to send the block back for corrective machining and I had to have everything re-balanced because they did not do a good enough job on the balance (lucky thing I had it checked).

IMO..they are nothing more than a high production shop. They get a lot of stuff out the door, but they cut corners on things too.

Be sure to double check their work!!
I didn`t realize PAW was still around. Is JCWhitney around as well? I`m damn glad those days are decades behind me.
JD Whitney is alive and well.....

PAW is a lot smaller than it used to be.
Try CHP good parts and good work.
Try CHP good parts and good work.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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