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This was my stuff and all new parts. I am a dealer so could send back parts or put them on the shelf. If you add these parts up it is several thousand dollars higher.

c8ve block (half filled,all oiling mods,everything polished, bored 80,line honed, cam bearings and plugs)

eagle crank
eagle 6.8 rods with bolt upgrade (new)
hellfire rings (new)
rol racing head gaskets (new)
federal mogul race bearings (new)
pro comp belt drive (new)
ported victor heads
victor intake
f-p-s main girdle and windage tray (new)
probe pistons cut for cam
titan oil pump (new)
comp cams 726
comp lifter, pushrods and so on
comp cams stainless rockers (new)
csr water pump
csr starter
msd pro billet
milodon fox pan and full sump pan
jomar stud girdle
motorsport covers
super comp headers
motor mounts
built 1.76 glide with convertor
jw bell
tci plate

$10,000 will seperate only if big items go first
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