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nothing wrong with any of it just need the space and may have to leave town without notice. Read to the bottom or miss something you need

COMBO FLO nitrous setup have the co2 bottle and reg,activation switch,2 gold series noids,distribution blocks and fittings as well as the hardline that was on the intake
this would cost a fortune and has'nt been 1 guy I've seen talk bad about combo flo
it is controlled off co2 instead of robbing power. Takes very little co2
1 of these will do a complete fogger and nitrous wont open without fuel and likewise. They are fail proof
$500 for the complete setup
I have big distribution blocks to use 1 noid for a fogger(not shure of limits) for $75 for block and fittings if wanted to use this way
most people use 1 noid per side
also have NOS ann nozzles for $250 with this system

have switch panels with all the trim how ever many or few you want and can be added onto later $8 a switch
I have different color covers with different color lens

16in electric fan NEW $30
10in electric fan NEW $30
hogan sbc sheetmetal intake $800 this is for tall deck
aluminum radiator out of my mustang $100
28 and 31 spline heavy duty mini spools for 9in $15 each

have new tubing bender for cages and such, no die sets uses jd
$250 has handle and base with it,never assembled

csr 4500 throttle bracket new $35

Wilson 4500 to 4150 adapter cnc NICE ADAPTER NEW $100

holley 950hp carb ran great just changed over $400

flowmaster collector mufflers 2 1/4 primaries $100 for pair

new 6in extended hood for foxbody $225 never mounted

I will be adding more as I make room

This one would be $64 and they fit in aftermarket stereo inserts

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