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For sale on fb pages now. This thread is ckosed.

For sale is a large variety of parts from fuel system parts to SSBC Caliper sets. Below is a brief description, part# if available & cost. If you see something you like you can leave a message on here or text me. It will be better to text because I may only get on here once or twice a day. If you need more pics just ask. Prices DO NOT include shipping! All items on table are not listed but are for sale. Some items are listed in more than one post. PLEASE check summits site if p/n is given to make sure it's what you want!!
Thanks for looking!!
Contact me at 330-506-6875
1) Holley 1150 Dominator w/4500 base. p/n 80556. Gone through by Pro Systems. Needs one bowl replaced due to crack in thread housing. Bowls are 35.00 on ebay. 8-900 new. Asking 550.00
2) BBF 429/460 polished aluminum dual plane intake for Dominator with 4500 base. Asking 425.00
3) Aeromotive 11101 electric fuel pump, 378 new. Asking 200.00
4) Aeromotive 13202 fuel regulator. 1-inlet, 1-return, 4 -outlets. New 183. Asking 75.00
5) 2 - Holley 850 double pumpers with 4150 base. Have ports for referencing when used on blown engines. Ports are threaded and capped. Asking 375.00 each.
6) Holley SBC mechanical fuel pump. Never used. Been on shelf several years. 75 new. Asking 35.00
7) Mike Kuhl Enterpeise 2x4 dominator 4500 6-71/8-71 blower top. Approx 3" tall. Asking 175.00
8) Comp Cams 7992-16 pushrods. 1 pc, 3/8 tapered to 5/16 ball ends. oil hole. .080 wall. 8.450" long. New 165 Asking 65.00
9) Set of 16, 7/16 screw in rocker studs. 3/4" shank, 2" tall. New 50. Asking 20.00
10) Set of 16, 7/16 screw in rocker studs. 3/4" shank, 1 3/4" tall. New 50. Asking 20.00
11) set of 16, 7/16 roller rocker nuts w/allen lock screw. 5/8" OD x 1" tall. new 50, Asking 20.00
12) SBF High flow cast water pump p/n sum-312625, Drivers side bottom hose outlet. Never used. Been on shelf a while. New 60, Asking 20.00,
13) SBF TCI-529618 157 tooth flex plate. 28oz. SFI 29.1 DATE 2/08. Never used. New 110, Asking 40.00
14) BBF FE mechanical fuel pump & metal line to carb. Never used. Removed and replaced with electric pump before engine was fired up. Asking 15.00
15) SSBC Summit p/n SSB-A185R. Twin Piston. Fits many years of GM vehicles. Look at summits site to see if it fits your application. Comes with 2 Twin Piston calipers, pads, mount bolts, spring clips, banjo bolts & washers. These were installed with wheels that didn't have enough back spacing and the outter tops are scratched. Have metric and standard inlets on back. Set costs 490 new. Asking 250.00
16) SSBC Ford 4 piston calipers, pads, backing plates, hoses, top pad retaining clips. 7/16 inlet thread size. p/n A63-1 RT/A62-1 LT. These were used in many of their kits and are also direct fit for certain Falcons from 63-67 & certain Mustangs from 65-67. See Summits site to make sure they fit your application. I believe they said 11.25 rotor and 15" wheel rims. They were installed only to find they were to big for the app. New 350 for the set. Asking 225.00
17) SBF Summit billet distributo p/n sum-850303. Never used. New 210. Asking 100.00
18)(SOLD) POWERGLIDE TCI trans shield/pan strap
19)(SOLD) POWERGLIDE pro-tree trans-brake valve body
20) B&M STAR shifter. Handle has button in it. Boot has a rip, console isn't cracked around outside but top may need work. Boot and console are available through summit New 200. Asking 25.00

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