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Finally done with a PROTOTYPE that will FIT an ATI 3 BOLT DAMPNER with the bbc pattern for use with the BOSS snout, or std length snout, And a BBF with an ATI 3 bolt damper with the large ford hub, and std length crank

Been working on this for a while. I finished the first one, and PETERSON now has the drawing and it will be marketed thru PETERSON FUILD SYSTEMS

Some of you already know it's a pain to come up with some of our ford front drives. And it's always been a problem . It will also fit the stock 429/460 damper with the large hub. Now we will have one that will fit 3 or 4 bolt. as in BHJ ,FORD MOTORSPORT ETC .

I will be testing for fitment, and length for vac pumps, alt's, water pump, etc in the next few weeks .with, and with out motor plates. I may not be able to cover all the different apts, but I will cover a few.

Yes will be a spline drive ,not a keyway.

For those of you that also shorten the crank another .250 for use with the ati sbf hub I already offer a spacer so this mod is not needed. works with std timing cover, and belt drives.

I also make a locating ring for the crank trigger wheel with ati damper that will work with the Peterson mandrel's with the bbf/sfb hub

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