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PI/CJ Manifolds in 60' Starliner?

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My 60' Galaxie with 72' 460 currently has log type passenger car manifolds. I would like to know if anyone with this combo has tried to install or is using PI/CJ Manifolds. Have a lead on some 73' PI's and don't want to buy if they don't fit, as manifolds are located out of state. The price is $400.00 dollars and are said to be in excellent condition with no rust or pitting. Is this a good price? I understand that there are factors such as motor mounts and engine placement that will effect that installation. I thank you all in advance for your time
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I tried to use CJ manifolds on my ^# Galaxie with a 460 and they hit the body mount at the back of the engine. I don't know if the 60 is similar or not. I ended up making a set of headers for it and lived happily ever after ! hahahaha

Thank you for your response HPbyGD. Yes I think they are the same as the 63' as most parts for these are 60-64. Thats a bummer. I can only use shorty's for this car due to ground clearance and the only company that I know of that makes them is about $500.00 for plain steel shorties. I guess thats part of the fun of hot rodding. Kind of like the STD after the trip to the Red Light District (LOL). You want to play you got to pay!
Thank you for the lead. I contacted them and they only sell full lenght long tube headers. This unfortunetly wont work for my application as the car will sit almost on its frame with the air ride suspension. Its starting to look like FPA shorties are my only option. I like them, but they are a little steep for me at $575.00 plain steel plus shipping.
OK! here's what you wont. on top left side of page click on your yr car, go down about 5/8s on the page..FPA headers is what your looking for, click on the FPA and his site comes up:):cool:;)

Thank you for the lead.
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