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picure of your steering/trac bar setup

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i really need to get my truck to drive straighter so i can get it back on the road. anyone have a pic of what there steering and trac bar setup looks like? my steering arm is almost completely level and i cant see how to make my trac bar the same, without a big ugly bracket... i have a 9 inch lift btw
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2 half ugly brackets?:) Seriously though, to get the trac bar level you need to raise it on the axle and lower it on the frame. Setting mine up was a job and a half. I take it you have high steer knuckles?
ya i had to get the right side king pin cap with the knuckle on and it raised it a couple more inches.... so the more paralel they are the better right? ill just do what i gotta do
Yes, the more parallel the better. Also if you are making the brackets & bar make it as long as possible.
The trac bar and drag link should be parallel and equal length. Otherwise you'll get bad bump steer. Especially if you have a lot of articulation.
okk, after the bog today if nothing breaks thats what ill do.
Did you rolled the diff. up to get a better driveshaft angle? If you did were the knuckles cut and turned to get the right caster angle? If not, that'll make it wonder all over the place.
i might have rolled the diff MAYBe a hair but the angle wasnt bad at all so i didnt wanna tamper with it, the divorced t case helped with the angle
I put a '79 bronco axle in the front of my '90 ranger. I went through hell and back to get that thing tracking right. Still not perfect, but close. Next weekend will be my final mod to it. All a learning experience. Why not post some pics of your setup and a couple of us can give our suggestions.
I don't have as much lift as you but here is what I did. I made a bracket on the frame with plate mocked everything up at ride height and track position to set my bar parallel with the steering. You might also need to raise the axle side on your set up.


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yea i have a dropped bracket on the frame side, and the axle side is almost 3 above it now
heres what my setup looks like as of now... i put the steering stabilizer on and drove it again, it helped a LOT but the truck still just wanders around the road sometimes and bump steers a lil
all ball joints are tight n such sooo what now?


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Nice crossover set up. It still looks like they're not parallel, the frame end should hang as low as the center link at the pitman arm, then just raise the axle end up until it's parallel with the center link and that's how high the brackets needs to be and use two brackets, one will just let the bolt chew the bolt hole up. Then just check for play anywhere, a little here and a little there can add up to a lot. Also is the axle end of your tracking arm bent up ?
im using the stock track bar and yes it has a sharp little bend at the end from the factory. what do you mean use two brackets?
I could be wrong but it looks like you've only got one bracket welded to the axle where the tracking arm is bolted to it.


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can you flip the track bar upside down to put the bend the other way and shim the frame end down a bit, be a little closer to paralell.

also wondering if some of the issues are coming from the radius arm drop brackets..:confused:
well my radius arms are paralell with the ground itself. shouldnt that be right?
and i thinik the track bar has a bend like half way and if i flipped it it would put the axle side of the track bar on the back side of my axle
yes i do have only one bracket holdin the track bar on the axle. i was gonna put the secound one on after i made sure it would work, and its really not correct yet so, will beef it up when i got it right
the drop brackets are prone to flex. just something to keep an eye on.
well i upped the size on the bolts holding the bracket on the frame to
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