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Hey guys, I have never entered a contest like this or posted anything like this before, but please help out a fellow BBF owner.

My car is "BOSS 545" on this page: http://stangplanet.com/cmps_index.php?pageid=usc

"Heats begin at 12:00pm (Noon Pacific) every Monday, ending the following Monday at the same time. At the end of each heat, the four Mustangs with the most votes against their opponents will move on, while the four Mustangs with less votes will retire to the USC Contenders forum to have their vehicle’s photos and specs showcased."

Any help is MUCH appreciated. Thanks guys.

Edit: I've been told you have to sign up for the site. It's free and hassle free, like signing up for this site. If you don't want to register though, I understand. Thanks again.
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