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please help...

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have a couple of questions, do i need to balance this motor? only going to rev it to 5900...fresh outta machine shop 460 .30 over, stock crank freshed up, football CJ rods, 10.2:1, cobra jet aluminum heads, comp XE284H cam kit, torker 2 intake, 850 holl DP? guy at machine shop told me didnt have to because wasnt going to rev it high enough... TRUE or FALSE? #2 is i need to know where i can get the torque rotation of the crank, and torque specs for crank, rods, and heads? this is my first big block cant wait! :D
thank for your help!
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Always a good idea to balance. Haynes manual.
Imagine buying new tires without balancing... I balance on a case by case build. Most stock motors I've dealt with are close enough from the factory and don't need balancing unless rotating parts are replaced with new or used items. (I used to rebuild a lot of British sports car motors.) Performance motors get balanced if I'm building them. Its insurance. If I use a new crank, or new rods, or any of those parts from another motor, it gets balanced. My machinist checks new pistons to match weight also. If you decide to have it balanced, take in the flywheel and balancer combo you'll be using.
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