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Hey All
I tried searching, but the search engine kept coming up with 504 errors and an "Oops ..." error.

I built the '70 429 that was in my '78 CV23 jetboat, taking it to 466ci, with guidance from members here, so I have some experience building a 385 series.

I just got back from an 1800 mile round trip from Colorado Springs to Phoenix and back with our motorhome. 1997 Newmar Mountain Aire, 37.5'; 17,200lb curb weight, sitting on an F53 20K chassis. I switched to towing flat this year; towd is a 1999 Blazer 4-door. The motorhome pulls fine, runs 70-75 with ease without towing, although the stock 460 is very marginal when facing hills.
Towing is another story. She loses speed at an astonishing rate and drops into 3rd when faced with the smallest grade. I slow down even more because I don't want to run her at 3800-4000rpm for an extended period of time.

I installed the Banks Power Pack system a couple years ago, so she already has headers and free flowing exhaust.

I'm considering sourcing a 460 and building either a 521ci or a 532ci. Forged pistons, balanced rotating assy, custom cam from Randy or Scotty, heads refreshed with mild work (likely by Scotty), Harland Sharp rockers, zero-decked (or decrease the deck to 0.020 or less).

Has anyone here significantly increased HP/TQ for a motorhome? The factory E4OD has to survive, and the engine will have to run using the factory FI and controls. I'm thinking somewhere around 400HP and 500-600TQ -- Is that attainable??

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Feel free to use as a guide.

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