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Powerglide setup for BBF

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Took this in as a trade for some parts to have a spare for my car, don't know much about it but told it's got good parts and it's from Godley Transmissions (Moultrie GA). Comes with JW Ultrabell, high stall converter, atx cooler w/quick disconnects, Hurst quarterstick, sfi flexplate, Lokar (?) dipstick, billet yoke.

First 1000.00 takes it.

Located Indiana.

Thanks, Rich


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What is the diameter of the pilot on the converter? Does it bolt directly to a ford flexplate of does it require an adaptor? Any idea of the specs of the converter?
Michael W. Hagan
Paducah, Kentucky
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If you have not sold the BBF powerglide setup please email your phone number.
Michael W. Hagan

Is the glide still for sale?

If it is shoot me a phone #.

Hello, Is the Glide still for sale? Please send Phone # Thanks Mike
no glide isnt for sale cause i bought it
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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