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I have a used powerjection system; aftermarket throttle body type fuel injection. It used to be on a Mazda Miata. I'd like to see how it performs on my Ford 460. My 460 is the D1VE casting code, which I think means it's from a 1971 Lincoln. I could be wrong of course, seems like I read that block was used a bunch of different places. Anyway, the motor was rebuilt by Jasper, nothing fancy. Right now I have a holly Carburetor and Edelbrock intake.

My understanding is this system is no longer supported. I have the EXE file to hook to the computer and try and put a fuel map in. My understanding is the latest version was to be used on a Windows 7 computer.

My questions are below, and I'm hoping I can just find someone who has already done this work and maybe I'm just not good at searching.

Does the software work on windows 10?
Are there any glitches in the system I need to watch for?
Does anyone have a current fuel map of any kind that I can use as the staring point?
Is there a website anyone knows of that has all this information?
Anyone on here used the powerjection throttle body fuel injection before? pros cons?

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