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Pretty Depressed Water in all bores when I filled Radiator after new build!

Ok so my car has been off the road for 2 years after deciding to remove the motor and rebuild it.
I have had the block and heads machined and I ported the heads.

Assembled the motor myself, ex mechanic been reading heaps and thought I had it all sorted re setting up cam etc.

So today after getting it all sorted in the car and ready to fire up I filled the radiator and then tried to start it. not even a 1/4 of a turn and it hydrauliced.

So removed heads and sure enough water in all bores.

Head gaskets on correctly facing front of motor.

standard block
D3 heads
RPM manifold

How the hell do you get water in all the bores!?

Looking to get the hiveminds opinion as to what it could be?

Heads were torqued correctly.

Inlet manifold was blasted and no cracks that I could see.

All water holes on gaskets lined up correctly.

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some times when taking the heads off you well get water in the cylinders.. the only way to be sure that it hydro-locked would have been to pull the plugs and see if water came out..
Did you try and turn the motor before you installed it?? If Automatic was the TQ converter installed correctly?

good luck take care be safe

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So was the block sitting around for two years also with just water in it and where that water could freeze?

was the block mag tested for cracks before machine work was started on it?

the best way to get water out of the bores is to displace it with ATF and then sop it all up with paper towels.
Your lucky it locked up on you when cranking, so you should be free from having bent a rod.
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