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pretty good day

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Had a pretty good day at mud races today got 3rd out of 7 trucks got beat by 2 fords but whipped 2 chevy asses, Fords took top 5 places. Will post vids as soon as i get them uploaded
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Congrats on your 3rd. Placing is always a good thing!! I would have loved to have a third last weekend!!!:mad:

Still gonna re-gear?

Thanks Jeff, Yeah I'm still going to re-gear hopefully be fore season is out, have to build up the funds , this week i was out a few bucks with buying new tires for front and then having to buy a new tach yesterday. LOL Plus I'm in the market for a tow vehicle, have been using my dads 1/2 ton dodge afraid i'll wear it out,LOL
good job Richard!! I never get too upset when I get beat by other fords, that just thickens the top of the class with the sweet aroma of blue oval!! and the stench of chebby stays at the bottom MUHAHAHAH
Thanks Myron, Yeah I dont mind gettin beat by fords. I'll tell u what though the Guy that beat me went on to win and he very very seldom loses every one calls him pappy and he's my engine builders dad, He's very good on the lights.
Your coming around Richard......Just keep stabbing at it and you should get a first sooner or later.
yep plan on it Glenn. Your truck ran great yesterday, I get mine all dailed in may go up 2 your class LMAO
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