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pro stock ford hemi heads

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ford pro stock hemi heads. Boss 429, all work and maintenance done by allan johnson. Titanium valves coated, brand new moroso valve covers, springs and retainers, Jesel rockers, $10,000 obo call Robert 512-913-7070 i hate to sell, I was going to build a 700ci motor. i have a tall deck block too.
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no !!! I was going to build a 700ci motor !! but im doing fine with 500ci deal !!
Boss 429

the block and heads are in the left pic !!!!
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price reduced

price reduced to $8,000 !!!!!!
Never mind - I found the post, not sure a solid block will work 4 me.


I have a 4.500 crank Ill throw in the deal if someone buys the package.

how much for all including intake?
that manifold doesnt fit that motor, its for my litttle headed ford hemi next to it.
package deal

how much for all including intake?
I'd let the package go for $11,500 block and heads !!!
Insert the obligitory "drool " here.....:rolleyes:

Insert the obligitory "drool " here.....:rolleyes:
I hate letting them go !! I would love another 150 hp on my pro gas jet deal !!!!
here's my 500ci deal next to the monster for sale !!!!

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heads and block

Ill let the combo go for $11000 plus shipping !!!!
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