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Going to the builder today to drop off some pieces to start the 545 / 64 Fairlane project.

Right know the plans are
10:1 545 A514 cam, having both a victor dommy and BT dual quad intake (one for cruise on for race). An A514 solid roller (which has too much intake duration). SCJ heads. Scat forged crank. Hoping for between 650-700 hp, but think the combo might be 25-50 hp light.

Found out the machined block I got has some bore problems. Looks like it needs a 0.002 or so hone, but I can get a 0.006 feeler gauge between the piston and cylinder. My DOVE, which only needs a dingle-ball hone clean-up has the same problem as the machined block. Looks like I'll have to use the reserve D1VE and pay for full block prep.
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