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Decided to sell my prosystems 1000cfm custom built carb. Its got less than 200 miles on it and has the prosystems billet WOT switch with bracket installed. Here are some carb specs, I also have the build sheet etc which will be included with the purchase.

Custom Billet 1000cfm Carb
Billet base
Billet Metering blocks with power valve provisions (comes with plug)
.130" Needle and seats
Sight glass level windows
knotced propelye floats and jet extensions in secondaries
Holley SS adjustable secondary linkage
50cc Accel pumps primary and secondary
Prosystems billet WOT switch bracket and switch
extra Blank air bleeds for custom drilling
Gnuine Holley Assorted Jet Kit
Moroso Holley Jet removal/installer tool
Genuine holley assorted power valves (different vacuum ratings)
Power valve screw in plug included
Extra Needle/seats
AED brand new in package reusable metering block gaskets

Summit brand -8an Carb feed line kit assembled and ready to go, -8an inlet, Tee fitting with gauge port, -8an feed to each bowl. Comes with all fittings so it bolts on and goes.

Lots of other goodies included

Asking $900 plus shipping. This includes everything from carb to fuel line with hundreds of dollars worth of tuning and tools/gaskets etc. Here are some pics of the carb.


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