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Pulley sizes 480 No A/C & PS

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I have posted questions before and I thank everybody for the responses. I am rebuilding a Shelby Cobra Kit car with a 460. It was assembled and damaged 15 years ago and was only driven 75 miles. The previous builder and owner mentioned that he had an overheating problem at an idle. Per an earlier post I ordered a new alternator and had a custom aluminum radiator fabricated. Now here is my question pertaining to pulley sizes. It has under driven pulleys and they just look wrong. I did not measure down in the v groove, but the outside dimensions are as follows... Alternator 3.50"...Water pump 6.94"...Crank 5.69".
Can anybody tell me what a proven combo is and if these are close. I believe the alternator is turning way to slow at at an idle to do any charging. The car is apart now and I have no way to test it. I want to assemble it with the right parts.
Thanks again
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pulley sizes

Heres the combo I'm running, measured from the back side, on water pump puller 7", alternator is 2 7/16, crank shaft is outer belt 6 5/8 inner is 8" I run this on a blown 460 (473) and my alternator puts out 14 volts at idle (stays constant) I needed good voltage, 2 holley fuel pumps, 2 14" electric fans, msd6al and btm, so voltage was important. Temps are 180 and on hottest days here 105 degrees, my temps in traffic can reach 200. I do have an external oil cooler, the oil temp pretty much mirrors water temp after warm up. Your alternator pulley sounds too big to give good charging, to tiny amount of horsepower you gain from under driving them is not worth the charging and cooling woes.
Yours sound more like what I need. Where did you buy them? Thanks for your time

My crank and water pump pulleys came from Hampton Blowers, the alternator came from AES (Automotive Electric Service) Hamptons # is:562-803-9484, AES # is : 916-344-3109. I have the same crank and water pump pulleys in stock steel painted black if you want them you can have them free, the crank is 2 belt, the water pump is single belt, these are the same pulleys you would find factory on early 429's (no smog and ac) Greg blown473
Thank you for your offer, I sent you a message via email connection..
Thanks again
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