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BBF 521ci all new except the block which is a D0VE A block (the strongest production 429/460 block ford made) with SVO 4 bolt conversion. All block machine work done by Brian at R&R Machining in Minneapolis, 4.3 forged crank, Eagle 6.8" H beam rods with ARP 2000 bolt upgrade and dished (22cc) SRS pistons.

The heads are SVO CJ heads ported by Jon Kaase and touched up by Travis at Knowlton's Thunderheads (flow well over 400cfm) and Knowlton's ported Victor intake. Custom solid street roller cam is by Jay Allen. ARP studs and bolts used through out. All assembled by Dave (ds5dot). Only the best parts and labor in this motor all new except the block.

This is one hell of a street motor built to run on 93 octane.

$11,000 Intake to Fox pan. Not interested in trades, thank you.
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