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I am selling brand new pushrods from Kaase, just used for mock up, just need a little bit longer pushrod for my build. Full set for intake and exhaust. Here is a link to them: http://www.jonkaaseracingengines.co...iece-push-rods-for-super-cobra-jet-heads.html

$80 + shipping and paypal fees. (New update--PM me offer)

Springs and retainers off of P51 heads, brand new, never ran. Selling because with the cam I am going with, I want some more spring height and more seat pressure. These are 240lbs on the seat as installed on a p51 head with the chrome moly retainer. Double springs for roller with .700 lift or less.

$200 for all springs and retainers + shipping. (New update--PM me offer)
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