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Qualified P1, Finished P1 at Thunderhill on July 24, 2010, video links in post

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Ran faster than before despite air temp in triple digits and track temp ranging above 140. Improvement came from slight changes to suspension settings, different front tires and a different approach to driving a track section where I did not shift as much and relied more on BBF torque.

Car seen briefly in rear facing video is the second place Chevy that finished two spots ahead of me in the April race (the Thunderhill thread that starts with the 05-19-2010 post).

Extreme temps tougher on driver than car. Coolant stayed below 220 and oil below 240 over the 25 minute race. This represents a lengthy learning curve that has resulted in -20 line return line to the dry sump tank, two oil coolers – one a heat exchanger with the radiator, the other with air, and air flow control with most of the radiator air exiting through the hood. For ambient temps below 80 we tape over the air supply to the second oil cooler.




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Congratulations! That Chevy was not in your mirror for very long! I love hearing that big block sing. Keep it up!
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