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Quick rocker question

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Hey All -
I just bought a set of Blue Racer rockers 1.73

They came with the roller rockers (of course) and bolts...
Do I need any thing else, someone said nylon lock washers and it got me concerned ...
Ive never put a lock washer on any rocker before -

Anyone know a torque spec off hand ?
the page in my book has oil on it and its hard to read--


(last piece of the puzzle! really excited!!)
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Pedestal mount rocker arm or a stud mount rocker arm? Onto which heads are you going to install them?

they are stud mount rockers, DOVE-A Heads ported with SS valves.
Heads are studded to the block , Bored .30 over

Not sure of the cam specs.
is there a way to pull out the cam and do they usually have serial numbers or something on them to see what the specs are and what brand it is ?

Thanks !
i found cam specs too -

Lift 0.493 in 0.502 ex @0.50 in 216 ext 0.502

federal mogal pistons, anti pump-up lifters and 10.5:1 compression

Thats all I got -

Anyone know if these 1.73 lifters will even work ?
It looks like my lift on the cam is a little high ?

Clearly I need some help !

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Do you have "bottle-neck" studs or "straight shank" studs ?

NYLOX nuts are used for bottle-neck studs. They aren't torqued but SET at whatever it takes to get the correct LIFTER PRELOAD.

For what it sounds like ... you have rocker assemblies for a bolt down system, NOT for studs.
Can you post pics of what you have?
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