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I have some extra parts left over now that my truck is done (that's a good sign, right?). All items located in Noblesville, IN

1. Rebuilt D3VE's - these came on a crate engine that the previous owner put in my truck. I drove the truck about 1,000 miles, then tore the engine down to get a lot more power, which included adding ported heads. These STOCK rebuilt D3VE's I am offering for sale worked very well and still look like new. I would like $150 with local pickup.

2. I bought the 2.5" mandrel bent dual exhaust "U-Fit" kit made by Flowmaster when I thought I would be doing my own exhaust. The headers did not make this practical, so now I have the kit for sale. See full details at http://www.summitracing.com/parts/FLO-15936/ I paid $250-ish, I'll take $200 with local pickup and throw in some extra parts I accumulated.

3. In the rush of ordering lots of parts for the rebuild I ordered the wrong intake gaskets for my truck. I now have a brand new set of FEL-1231S-3 Intake gaskets that are much too large for my heads, they are for a 460, but I am not sure what they fit. http://www.summitracing.com/parts/FEL-1231S3/ I'll take $30 SHIPPED

Always up for interesting trades but cash is king.

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